Fred Sampliner, B.S. (fin), J.D.

Fred was a private practise lawyer and arbitrator for the court system in the United States for 12 years before he was appointed as an arbitrator at the Financial Service Commission of Ontario in 1993. Between 1993 and 2013, Fred wrote many decisions concerning the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedules. He simultaneously gained a wide reputation for professionalism and diplomacy in helping people negotiate fair settlements.

Since Fred left public service and joined YorkStreet in 2013, he has used his focussed energy, extensive technical knowledge of the SABS, tort and health care law along with his wealth of mediation experience to bring parties to resolve personal injury litigation. He has a firm commitment to get the job done.

Fred is a practical problem-solver in acting as an arbitrator on loss transfer and priority disputes. His long experience with the Regulations and policy issues compliment his knowledge of the procedures necessary to efficiently handle formal hearings on these matters. Fred’s guidance often leads to amicable settlement, but he likewise has the developed analytical and writing abilities to make the sound decisions insurers expect in a timely manner for these disputes.